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Get started

Use this beginner-friendly guide to start building on Sei.

1. Install local dependencies

To get started running Sei, follow the local dependency installation tutorial

2. Set up Seid

The seid command is a command-line tool to interact with the Sei blockchain.
Follow the Seid setup tutorial to get started using seid

3. Run a chain locally

Follow the initialization script to to run a cluster locally with a single validator node and 50 preconfigured wallet accounts.

4. Create and deploy a simple counter app

Follow the counter app tutorial to write and deploy a simple Rust smart contract to your local version of Sei
Sei supports CosmWasm 1.0.0+ smart contracts. Older versions of CosmWasm will have errors getting deployed

5. Create a decentralized app frontend

Follow the frontend tutorial to create a simple frontend for the counter app tutorial above

6. Create and deploy a simple exchange

Follow the spot exchange tutorial to write a simple Rust based spot exchange on Sei

7. Deploy to testnet

Follow the testnet deployment tutorial to deploy the counter app to the atlantic-2 testnet, and update the frontend to interact with that