Run a Sei Node

Use this section to learn all about running a full node on Sei
A full Sei node is a fundamental building block of the Sei Blockchain. It consists of a local copy of the entire blockchain, including its history and state. Running a full node is essential for participating in network operations like validating transactions, joining consensus, and broadcasting events to other network participants.
In this guide, we will walk you through setting up and running a full Sei node.
If you're a developer that just needs to set up their local tool, see Seid.


1. System Configuration

Requirements around running a seid node and common ports that are used by the seid process

2. Build Seid

How to build a seid binary and the version to use

3. Configure General Settings

General settings for a full node

4. Join a Network

How to join an existing network and catch up with Statesync

5. Running Sei

Starting the seid binary and recommended settings for running it in production