A list of frequently asked questions can be found below. If you still can't find the answer to your question below, please follow up on Discord

Is it possible to create a multisig account?

Yes, multisig accounts are natively supported. Here is a simple example of how you can set up a multisig account:
// Create 2 accounts
seid keys add ms1
seid keys add ms2
// Create a multisig account requiring the above 2 accounts
seid keys add ms1ms2 --multisig-threshold=2 --multisig=ms1,ms2

Where can I find examples?

Where can I find current rest and rpc urls?

Public endpoints for all sei chains can be found in the Public RPCs section of this GitBook.

Is there a Sei faucet for getting testnet funds?

Yes, you can head to Sei Faucet to connect your wallet and request tokens from the faucet.

Why did smart contract query ran out of gas at 300,000?

For all the Sei provided public nodes, we have set a maximum gas of 300,000. If your contract requires more gas, you will need to set up your own node and rpc url.

How can I add the Sei chain to Keplr?

Keplr (and most wallets) provide an exported function experimentalSuggestChain.
@sei-js/core has create a helper function to get this configuration. You can suggest a chain by using the exported suggestChain function.
If you are using @sei-js/react, this chain suggesting will happen out of the box.

How can I get a wallet given a seed phrase without access to a wallet extension.

import { stringToPath } from '@cosmjs/crypto';
const hdPathStr = "m/44'/118'/0'/0/0"; // the number after the last slash is the account index you want
const wallet = await DirectSecp256k1HdWallet.fromMnemonic(YOUR_SEED_PHRASE, {
prefix: 'sei',
hdPaths: [stringToPath(hdPathStr)] as any
// Now your wallet can be used with other @sei-js helper functions
const client = await getSigningCosmWasmClient(RPC_URL, wallet);