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Testnet deployment tutorial

Deploy a Cosmwasm smart contract to the public testnet

1. Public Full-node Information

You can find available public RPC endpoints information according to chain ids under the Public RPCs section.

2. Create Sei Account + Key

Create and configure your account:
seid keys add $ACCOUNT_NAME
This should create a new account locally and display its address and mnemonic:
type: local
address: sei1ep9jyk9kydjz0fhadm7rzy6pc9ga7tdt4d26xn
pubkey: '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey","key":"Ai3obIQZXAmdgDSw7p1awFIPGK9b7cu/SfJM6nbc+hV/"}'
mnemonic: ""
**Important** write this mnemonic phrase in a safe place.
It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.
some mnemonic words some mnemonic words some mnemonic words some mnemonic words some mnemonic words
Store the shown account address into local env variable and add it as the genesis account to the chain:

3. Fund your account

Use the faucet to fund your account. It may be possible that your account needs more funds, in which case please reach out to our team on Discord / Telegram.
Verify your balance on the testnet:
seid q bank balances $ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --node $RPC_ENDPOINT --chain-id $CHAIN_ID

4. Upload & Instantiate Wasm Contract

Store a compiled wasm binary to the sei network:
seid tx wasm store $CONTRACT_WASM_BINARY -y --from=$ACCOUNT_NAME --chain-id=$CHAIN_ID --node $ENDPOINT --gas=10000000 --fees=100000usei --broadcast-mode=block
Once your proposal is stored to the testnet, you can instantiate your contract:
seid tx wasm instantiate $CONTRACT_ID '{}' --chain-id sei-chain --from $ACCOUNT_NAME --gas=4000000 --fees=1000000usei --broadcast-mode=block --label $LABEL --no-admin
Note that the '{}' part is the parameters you pass to instantiate the contract. In this example, the contract takes no parameter so '{}' suffices. For any real world contracts, their instantiation parameters would likely be non-empty.
You should get a response like the following:
height: "2051"
info: ""
- events:
- attributes:
- key: _contract_address
value: sei1wug8sewp6cedgkmrmvhl3lf3tulagm9hnvy8p0rppz9yjw0g4wtqdxfzff
- key: code_id
value: "1"
type: instantiate
- attributes:
- key: action
value: /cosmwasm.wasm.v1.MsgInstantiateContract
- key: module
value: wasm
- key: sender
value: cosmos1ep9jyk9kydjz0fhadm7rzy6pc9ga7tdt4d26xn
type: message
log: ""
msg_index: 0
raw_log: '[{"events":[{"type":"instantiate","attributes":[{"key":"_contract_address","value":"cosmos1wug8sewp6cedgkmrmvhl3lf3tulagm9hnvy8p0rppz9yjw0g4wtqdxfzff"},{"key":"code_id","value":"2"}]},{"type":"message","attributes":[{"key":"action","value":"/cosmwasm.wasm.v1.MsgInstantiateContract"},{"key":"module","value":"wasm"},{"key":"sender","value":"cosmos1ep9jyk9kydjz0fhadm7rzy6pc9ga7tdt4d26xn"}]}]}]'
timestamp: ""
tx: null
txhash: 3033A3673367169693157DF4D22D973A012C03A4FBE452E994E4DE87C8628D23
From the output, you can see that your contract was created at address: sei1wug8sewp6cedgkmrmvhl3lf3tulagm9hnvy8p0rppz9yjw0g4wtqdxfzff. You will need this address for any contract interaction.